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Who We Are

Welcome to Passion Dental Group, a team of dedicated dental professionals committed to providing exceptional care and building a community of like-minded individuals who share our values. We believe in creating a positive, supportive culture that stimulates personal and professional growth.


We believe that outstanding patient care comes from a passionate commitment to supporting the team that deliver that care. Improved access to technology, training, management and experienced leadership benefits all of our team members.


To provide the dental community with a fresh new approach to providing optimal care to their patients. To create a community in which all participants benefit from our collective experience and resources.

Our Core Values

We believe that investing in our people and communities is essential to achieving our mission of providing optimal care to our patients.

  • Legacy & vision we can all be proud of
  • Provide the best dental care possible
  • Create optimal patient experiences
  • Create a positive working culture
  • Emphasize career development
  • Care about our communities

Developed by Dentists for Dentists

As dentists ourselves, we understand the challenges that come with running a dental practice, which is why we offer a range of services to support dental clinics and their teams.

Looking for dental practice appraisal?

If you're considering a dental practice sale, we offer dental practice appraisal and dental clinic valuation services to help you understand the value of your practice. Our clinic succession plan ensures that your clinic will be passed on to the right people when you're ready to retire. Click the link below to see how partnering with Passion compares to Traditional DSOs

Valuation Calculator

Find opportunities for leadership growth with one of our clinics partnerships

For those just starting your dental journey, or associates with existing practices looking to partner with a dental service organization, we offer dental service organization partnership (DSO) and dental practice partnership opportunities. Our network of dental teams provide access to technology, training, management, and experienced leadership, enabling you to focus on delivering the best patient care possible.

Learn about our dental practice partnerships

Join Our Community

Join our Passion Dental community of dental professionals who are passionate about providing exceptional care and supporting one another in personal and professional growth. We invest in our people first and create a community that fosters personal success.